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    It is very easy to spread rumours, unfortunately. I therefore also strive to convey to my audience how to look for reputable sources and to not be swayed by misinformation and rumours.

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    Together we can have more impact. My Facebook page now has more than followers. This gives me an opportunity to reach many more people than I ever could at the clinic.

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    He spends 3—4 hours daily feeding his blog with updated information on immunization and discussion points, most prominently on measles and the human papillomavirus HPV vaccine.

    The reasons for this are complex: some cannot be vaccinated due vaccine human papillomavirus vaccine severe illness or immunodeficiency, others have been referred to me to confirm a temporary or permanent contraindication, and others because parents refuse vaccination.

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    True contraindications, particularly permanent ones, are very rare and most children referred to him do get vaccinated. Inspiration to reassure parents Inspiration for this online engagement comes from his daily conversations with parents and the many, sometimes severe cases of measles and other preventable diseases Dr Craiu has treated.

    It is therefore my wish, but also my responsibility, to reach as many people as possible through this platform and make them advocates for evidence-based information.

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