Pancreatic cancer

How to treat pancreatic cancer

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Abstract Background For patients receiving add-on Viscum album L. VA treatments for late-stage pancreatic cancer, an improved overall survival OS was observed. Only limited information regarding cost-effectiveness CE for comparisons between standard of care and standard of care plus add-on VA in stage IV pancreatic cancer treatment is available.

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The present study assessed the costs and cost-effectiveness of standard of care plus VA V compared to standard of care alone C for a hospital in Germany. Methods An observational study was conducted using data from the Network Oncology clinical registry.

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Cost and cost-effectiveness analyses CEA including the analysis of the incremental cost-effectiveness ratios ICER were performed from the hospital's perspective based on routine data from the financial controlling department and observed data on OS. The primary result of the analysis was tested for robustness in a bootstrap-based sensitivity analysis. V treatment in a certified German Cancer Center. C or V treatment in a certified German Cancer Center.

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Based how to treat pancreatic cancer this CEA analysis, from the hospital's point of view, the costs per mean month of OS and per mean hospital stay were lower for patients under combinational standard of care plus VA compared to patients receiving standard of care alone for the treatment of stage IV pancreatic cancer. Further prospective cost-effectiveness studies are mandatory to reevaluate our findings.

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