Malignant neoplasm cancer [Transanal Endoscopic Microsurgery--Our Initial Experience]

Malignant neoplasm cancer


    Account Options Malignant neoplasm malignant neoplasm cancer Favorites Abstract The retinoblastoma is the most frequent malign tumor of the children, starting with the maximum frequency between the ages of one to three years.

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    It is part of the categories of rare diseases, whose frequency is estimated at It is a tumor of the neuroblast-type placed at the retina level.

    The retinoblastoma can be unifocal, when a single tumor is present, or multifocal, when it is about more tumors at the level of the same eye or with extension to both eyes.

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    The retinoblastoma can have at the basis two mechanisms of appearance, malignant neoplasm cancer distinguishing two types: the hereditary and the sporadic, non-hereditary. Malignant neoplasm cancer hereby paper presents two clinical cases mother and daughter with the histopathological diagnosis of retinoblastoma, followed up on a period of four years. The first case, that of a 4-year-old child, with the histopathological diagnosis of bilateral retinoblastoma with left intra-orbital invasion, to which enucleation has been made to the right eye and left orbit exenteration on three years interval.

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    The second clinical case is that of a year-old woman who shows up at the clinic with a left intra-orbital malignant neoplasm cancer recidivation; it is significant to reveal the fact that the first surgical intervention left eye enucleation took place 29 years ago and the histopathological diagnosis settled post-operation was that of retinoblastoma.

    The histopathological diagnosis of the tumor recidivation was of squamous carcinoma.

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    The clinical and histopathological aspects of the two clinical cases presented are being debated, the appearance of a tumor formation in the same topographic area after a long period and the importance of the genetic advice in the families diagnosed with retinoblastoma.

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