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    Your Health: HPV Related Throat Cancer vaccino papilloma virus ai maschietti Hpv throat cancer natural treatment Conținutul The study was performed on 50 patients 47 men and 3 womenwith age ranging from 40 to 83 years the mean of the patients' ages was A control group was represented by age-matched healthy patients with no clinical diseases.

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    A clear switch from cytokine Th1 to cytokine Th2 in cancer patients, low levels of IL-2 and IFNγ in advanced stages, as well as a positive correlation of increased levels of both IL-2 and IL with the early stages of laryngo-pharyngeal cancer was observed. Patients with HPV present in both primary tumours and blood showed increased values of ILIL-2 ratio as compared with patients with HPV-positive primary tumours only, demonstrating the aggravation of the immunosuppressive state.

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    These parameters allowed us to state that the presence of HPV DNA in blood was associated with the most severe immunological imbalance that hpv throat cancer natural treatment potentially lead to a poor prognosis of these patients. Our findings encourage us to consider that the ratio between different Th1 and Th2 cytokines could represent a useful marker for clinical and pathological evaluation of cancer patients.

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